Texas Loving

Written by Leigh Greenwood
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

Eden Maxwell, the youngest of twelve siblings, lives on her parents’ ranch near San Antonio. In 1887, when she is twenty-one, Eden learns that her mother is the illegitimate daughter of the Earl of Southampton. Eden travels to England to meet her newfound family, which includes her grandfather’s handsome heir, her distant cousin, Edward Davenport. Not long after Eden returns home, she is surprised to find that Edward has come to Texas and hired himself out as a ranch hand to her brother. Although her cousin insists that he intends to settle in Texas, he is such a misfit that Eden cannot believe that he will stay. Their growing love for each other does not prevent Eden and Edward from competing for a ten-thousand-dollar purse in the San Antonio horse race. But someone else wants to win that prize, and Eden’s life is soon in danger.

Although the plotting required to bring Eden into the sphere of a British peer feels rather contrived, most of the novel takes place on Texan soil, where the author excels. This story about the youngest Maxwell is a heart-warming addition to Greenwood’s Cowboy series.