Tempt Me with Diamonds (The London Jewels Trilogy Book 1)

Written by Jane Feather
Review by Ray Thompson

1902. Diana Sommerville returns from South Africa to find the detested Colonel Rupert Lacey in her house. What started as childhood friendship between them had developed into love, but believing he has been unfaithful, she broke off the engagement. Her brother Jem, however, in hope the rift can be healed, made his best friend and comrade-in-arms his heir, and after Jem dies in battle during the Boer War, Rupert inherits half the family estate. Can they find happiness together again? Can they even manage to remain civil?

Although resentment simmers, their physical passion for each other sweeps aside restraints, and it is not long before they begin to rediscover and appreciate the other qualities that first drew them together. The path to reconciliation is not easy, however, given Diana’s impetuous nature and Rupert’s touchy pride.

Despite the improbable situation (including, one might add, the surprisingly rapid promotion of Jem and Rupert at so young an age in the British Army of this era), the uncertain progress of the lovers’ relationship is involving and their self-honesty refreshing. Recommended.