Sweetest Scoundrel

Written by Elizabeth Hoyt
Review by Charlotte Wightwick

Prim and proper Eve Dinwoody doesn’t let her fears stand in the way of her role as her half-brother’s business agent. So when Asa Makepeace, owner of Harte’s Folly, a theatre and pleasure-garden, starts to spend her brother’s money rather too freely, Eve doesn’t hesitate to confront him. But Asa has defied his family to follow his dreams and won’t let a plain-faced girl, or even repeated attempts to destroy his theatre, stop his grand re-opening. As the relationship between them develops, Asa and Eve face a series of challenges: will they overcome Eve’s demons together? Who is trying to kill Asa? Why does Eve defend her villainous half-brother the Duke? And what will they get up to in her carriage when they are all alone?

Moving slightly down the social scale from the usual Regency romance standard of dashing Dukes and virile Viscounts, Hoyt’s novel is an engaging romance, albeit one with dark undertones. An entertaining read.