Stay a Little Longer

Written by Dorothy Garlock
Review by Maudeen Wachsmith

Rachel Watkins seems to be the only sane person in her family. Her duties include caring for her agoraphobic mother, her alcoholic uncle, and her incorrigible niece, Charlotte, orphaned when her mother, Alice, dies in childbirth and her father, Mason Tucker, doesn’t return from the Great War. Times are tough in 1926 Carlson, Minnesota, as the family tries to eke out a living by taking in boarders. Rachel has her share of suitors but no time for romance.

Meanwhile Mason’s brother Zachary, who gained control of the family banking business, is scheming to obtain the land the boarding house is on so a lumber company will bring their business to the fledgling little prairie town (and Zachary will gain much in the process). He doesn’t care who he hurts.

Soon a bedraggled stranger arrives in town, never intending to reveal his true identity and sure that no one will recognize him due to his battle scars. He hopes to get a glance of his wife Alice, not knowing that she had died in childbirth. Shortly circumstances demand he reveal himself, and Zachary starts to play even dirtier in his quest to take over the boardinghouse land.

Dorothy Garlock has been called the premier writer of Americana romance with her charming romances set in small towns from the late 19th to early 20th century, where the good characters are very good and her villains are as evil as they come. Readers interested in this time period will be hard-pressed to find a better chronicler of this time period than Garlock, whose tales have been loved by readers for four decades. Stay a Little Longer is an endearing tale that will not disappoint her fans.