Script for Scandal (A Lillian Frost and Edith Head mystery)

Written by Renee Patrick
Review by Helen Piper

This is the third book in the series featuring amateur sleuths Lillian Frost and Edith Head solving murders in 1930s Tinseltown. In this installment, Lillian Frost learns that a script to a new film is based on one of her beau LAPD Detective Gene’s early cases, which led to the death of his partner. When Lillian finds Gene reluctant to talk about the case, she decides to seek answers on her own. Meanwhile, a murder on the Paramount studio lot seems to be connected to Gene’s case, and the police decide to open an investigation. Lilian teams up with Edith, who is head of wardrobe at Paramount, to find the truth and to vindicate Gene from any suspicions of wrongdoing.

Script for Scandal is a delightful and entertaining story with unexpected twists and turns. It features historical figures such as rivals Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, and a tongue-in-cheek scene where they end up coaching an extra. Mob moll Virginia Hill and Benjamin Siegel also make appearances, imbuing the novel with an element of noir, which further enhances the atmosphere. If you enjoy a fast-paced detective story with a sprinkle of humor, this might be the perfect book for you.