Rawhide Robinson Rides a Dromedary

Written by Rod Miller
Review by Xina Marie Uhl

Seasoned cowhand Rawhide Robinson is the quintessential American cowboy if ever there was one. And he would be the first to tell you so in long, rambling, outlandish, and untrue—but entertaining—ways. In the latest installment of his humorous adventures by the Spur Award-winning author, he signs on to accompany US Army personnel to the Middle East to obtain what he thinks are horses to bring back to America. Rawhide is not terribly intelligent (though he can spin a mean alliteration when necessary), so he doesn’t figure out what kind of “horses” he is contracted to get until he’s in the middle of the ocean without a means of getting back home. Hilarity ensues.

Young adults who enjoy tall tales, an iconic, if ridiculous, main character, and fun adventures will devour this quick, lighthearted read. They may even learn a thing or two despite themselves, since author Miller is a deft hand with research, Old West sensibilities, and small but interesting details such as the proper nautical terms for ropes.