Pride and Pyramids

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Fifteen years after the events of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth and Darcy receive a visit from Darcy’s cousin, Edward Fitzwilliam, who is fascinated by ancient Egypt and wishes to accompany archaeologist Sir Matthew Rosen on a search for a lost tomb. Elizabeth and Darcy soon come to share Edward’s enthusiasm and decide to go to Egypt with him. They bring their six children along, thinking the journey will be an educational experience for them. Also on the expedition are Sophie Lucas, Charlotte Lucas’ youngest sister, and Paul Inkworthy, a young artist Darcy has hired to make sketches of the sights they see in Egypt. Edward and Paul quickly become rivals for Sophie’s attentions. A map in Edward’s possession may hold a clue to the location of the tomb, but the Darcys get more than they bargained for when Elizabeth’s mother, Mrs. Bennet, stows away on the voyage and their youngest daughter, Margaret, becomes fascinated by a doll which may be possessed by the spirit of an ancient Egyptian woman placed under a curse for murdering two lovers.

Grange and Webb have given us a delightful sequel, placing the Darcys in an unexpected setting. I loved seeing Elizabeth and Darcy climbing the Great Pyramid, excavating a tomb, and trying to foil George Wickham’s plans to claim the treasure for himself. The children are a great addition to the story, and each child has a distinctive personality. I hope we see more of the Darcy children in the future. The only thing that seems out of place is the supernatural element, but even that is handled very well and does not detract from the Darcys’ adventures. And I loved seeing a few little nods to Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody series. Fans of Amelia, as well as Austen fans, should love this book.

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