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The Invincible Miss Cust

By Penny Haw - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

At the age of six, Aleen Cust discovered her vocation. Her early passion for animal welfare became the fire behind this fascinating story ...Read Review

Cradles of the Reich

By Jennifer Coburn - Published 2022


In the burgeoning genre of Nazi-era historical novels, Jennifer Coburn’s Cradles of the Reich follows three German women caught in Heinrich Himmler’...Read Review

When Franny Stands Up

By Eden Robins - Published 2022


1951. Franny’s world is filled with conflict. Her brother suffers from PTSD after returning from WWII. Their neighbors are hostile to the ‘colored’ ...Read Review

The Ways We Hide

By Kristina McMorris - Published 2022


Fenna Voss is an escape artist—of Depression-era Copper Country Michigan, of orphanage abuse, of her stage career as a magician inspired by ...Read Review

The Woman with Two Shadows

By Sarah James - Published 2022


1945: Lillian Kaufman, a talented and ambitious physics student, learns her identical twin sister, Eleanor, has disappeared in Tennessee. Eleanor had taken the position ...Read Review

The Book Woman’s Daughter (Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, 2)

By Kim Michele Richardson - Published 2022


Richardson delivers another beautiful, heartbreaking, yet uplifting tale of the scrappy women of Appalachia. In 1953, sixteen-year-old Honey Lovett watches the sheriff haul her ...Read Review

For Those Who Are Lost

By Julia Bryan Thomas - Published 2022


Imagine being given 24 hours’ notice to evacuate your children or let them face the wrath of Nazi occupation. In June 1940, over 5,000 children were ...Read Review

Shadows of Berlin

By David Gillham - Published 2022


Set mainly in New York City in 1955, with flashbacks to Berlin during WW2, this is the story of a young Jewish woman who ...Read Review

The Surgeon’s Daughter

By Audrey Blake - Published 2022


Set in the 1840s, when women were denied entry to British and American medical schools and doctors routinely succumbed to contagious diseases suffered ...Read Review

Her Hidden Genius

By Marie Benedict - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

In 1947, scientist Rosalind Franklin thinks she’s finally found her place at a laboratory in Paris where she learns the fine details of ...Read Review

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