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The Last Twelve Miles

By Erika Robuck - Published 2024



As if Elizebeth Smith Friedman and William Friedman, the most sought-after cryptanalytical minds in US Military Intelligence, and Elizebeth’s work for the ...Read Review

A Spartan’s Sorrow

By Hannah Lynn - Published 2024


In ancient Greece, many women and children mourn the departure of their husbands and fathers as they join King Agamemnon in a ten-year ...Read Review

Queens of Themiscyra

By Hannah Lynn - Published 2024


From the bare bones of recorded mythology, Hannah Lynn conjures up the Amazon warriors in a multi-sensory feast of a novel. Hippolyte has ...Read Review

The Girls We Sent Away

By Meagan Church - Published 2024


The Girls We Sent Away is set during the Baby Scoop era in the 1960s, when thousands of babies were relinquished to the ...Read Review

The Woman with No Name

By Audrey Blake - Published 2024


Biographical Fiction

This novel is based on the real life of Special Operations Executive (SOE) agent Yvonne Rudellat. Born and raised in France, Yvonne moved ...Read Review


By Malayna Evans - Published 2024


Anyone with a passing interest in Egyptian history will be familiar with the 18th Dynasty’s female pharaoh, Hatshepsut. Upon the death of ...Read Review

Queens of London

By Heather Webb - Published 2024


Queens of London is a whirlwind adventure through the streets of the Elephant and Castle neighborhood in early 20th-century London. Alice Diamond, also ...Read Review

One Puzzling Afternoon

By Emily Critchley - Published 2023



Set in 1951 and 2018 in a fictional English village, One Puzzling Afternoon unspools the events leading up to the disappearance of fifteen-year-old Lucy. The ...Read Review

Athena’s Child

By Hannah Lynn - Published 2023Published c2021



Once a priestess of Athena, Medusa is cursed into her monstrous form after being defiled in the temple by Poseidon. She runs home ...Read Review

Last Night at the Hollywood Canteen

By Sarah James - Published 2023



In March 1943, 28-year-old writer Annie Laurence has made it on Broadway. Her new play runs in a sold-out theatre. But after two months, ...Read Review

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