Plague Sorcerer

Written by Christopher Russell
Review by Emily Granozio (age 15)

14th century. Set in the time of the Black Death, the story is about Brind and Aurelie, the two main characters, who are accused of being “plague bringers” and “servants of the devil”. The novel is very dark in this respect. Throughout the story Aurelie and Brink try to escape these false accusations and are always in search of help and safety. Brind, known as the “dog boy”, is in my opinion a very interesting character as Christopher Russell always inserts elements of his “dog nature”. Aurelie, an orphan from France who works in the same household as Brind, is involved by the spiralling crisis. She is infected by the plague but manages to fight it off. The villain in the novel is called Brother Rohan. He is the man that started the ridiculous accusations, so that he could find an explanation for the plague. Unfortunately for Brind and Aurelie, they are just two unknown orphans who are perfect scapegoats.

                Join the helpless pair on their adventure and be with them as they struggle out of tight situations. If the pair have any more adventures planned, I am sure they will find many other ways to shock, surprise and intrigue their readers.