14th Century

A Woman’s Lot (The Meonbridge Chronicles)

By Carolyn Hughes - Published 2018


Following the devastation of the Black Death, depicted in Fortune’s Wheel, the first book of the Meonbridge Chronicles, more and more women ...Read Review

The Godless (A Brother Athelstan Mystery Book 19)

By Paul Doherty - Published 2019



Brother Athelstan is a friar, devoted to his parish in late 14th-century London, called to investigate the deaths of prostitutes whose nude corpses ...Read Review

Traitor’s Codex (A Crispin Guest Mystery)

By Jeri Westerson - Published 2019



Crispin Guest, former baron of Sheen, has come down in the world after falling out with King Richard II. Now living in a ...Read Review

In the Shadow of the Enemy (A Christine de Pizan Mystery)

By Tania Bayard - Published 2019



In late-14th century France, Charles VI “the Mad” rules. Many people, including his brother, the Duke of Orleans, may wish him off ...Read Review

The Turn of Midnight (Last Hours)

By Minette Walters - Published 2019


The sequel to Minette Walters’ thrilling and suspenseful The Last Hours proves a wonderful conclusion to her enthralling tale of a Dorset village ...Read Review

The Cold Light of Dawn (The King’s Greatest Enemy)

By Anna Belfrage - Published 2018


This is the fourth book in the King’s Greatest Enemy series. Set in turbulent 14th-century England, it follows the lives of lowly ...Read Review

The Book of Boy

By Catherine Gilbert Murdock - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

1350. Boy is a hunchback. It is the only name he has ever known, apart from Monster. He tends a flock of goats in ...Read Review

Son of the Night (Banners of Blood)

By Mark Alder - Published 2018



This is the second book in the Banners of Blood historical fantasy series. Set in 1346 in the aftermath of the battle of Crecy ...Read Review

Those Who Go By Night

By Andrew Gaddes - Published 2018



1324. When news of a man found murdered in a church reaches the Bishop of Lincoln’s ears, he sends his emissary, Thomas Lester, ...Read Review

Sword of Justice (Chivalry)

By Christian Cameron - Published 2018



In Sword of Justice, the fourth in his Chivalry series focusing on a 14th-century mercenary knight, Sir William Gold, and his demanding military, ...Read Review

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