14th Century

The Light of the Midnight Stars

By Rena Rossner - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

Mid-1300s, the Hungarian woods. As descendants of King Solomon, Hannah, Sarah, and Levana possess sacred magic. But their abilities will be put ...Read Review

The Queen Who Sold Her Crown (The Kingdom of Naples)

By Jane Ann McLachlan - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

In the years 1347-1352, Joanna I nobly fights to preserve her kingdom of Naples against a rival king, a usurping husband, a papal ...Read Review

Come Back to Me (Waters of Time)

By Jody Hedlund - Published 2021



In present-time America, Marian Creighton focuses her energies on researching a cure for her sister Ellen’s terminal illness. But, when her father, ...Read Review

The Hour of the Fox (A Brother Chandler Mystery, 1)

By Cassandra Clark - Published 2020



Cassandra Clark is the author of the Abbess of Meaux series of mediaeval murder/mysteries.  She has now found a new sleuth, Brother ...Read Review

Murder at Beaulieu Abbey (An Abbess of Meaux mystery, 11)

By Cassandra Clark - Published 2021



In late 14th-century England, Cistercian nun Hildegard of Meaux is sent by her superior to the Abbey of Beaulieu to observe where the ...Read Review

A Marriage Made In Secret

By Jenni Fletcher - Published 2021



In 1325, as a favour to her loyal but impoverished father, dowry-less Matilde becomes lady-in-waiting to Edward II’s queen, Isabella. The Queen is ...Read Review

A Flight of Arrows (The Hundred Years’ War)

By A. J. Mackenzie - Published 2021



In the summer of 1346, King Edward III is determined to make a breakthrough in the endless war by invading Brittany, where a handful ...Read Review

Murder in the Cloister (A Christine de Pizan Mystery 4)

By Tania Bayard - Published 2021



This is Book Four of the Christine de Pizan mysteries. In late March 1399, Christine, a scribe for King Charles VI in Paris, is ...Read Review

Shadow of the Hawk (Master of War 7)

By David Gilman - Published 2021



Winter 1364. Once again, war between England and France is coming. Sir Thomas Blackstone, Edward III’s Master of War, is sent to secure ...Read Review

Hurdy Gurdy

By Christopher Wilson - Published 2021



1349: the adolescent Diggory has been a friar in the order of St Odo since he was eight. The community’s mission is to ...Read Review

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