14th Century

To Calais, In Ordinary Time

By James Meek - Published 2019



James Meek is a greatly respected author (The People’s Act of Love, 2005), and his latest book has been well reviewed.  Hilary Mantel ...Read Review

Without a Trace

By Mel Starr - Published 2019



This is the latest instalment in a series of mediaeval mysteries starring Hugh Singleton, a surgeon with a second job as the bailiff ...Read Review

Murder at Whitby Abbey (An Abbess of Meaux Mystery)

By Cassandra Clark - Published 2019



When Hildegard, a nun in the little Yorkshire priory of Swyne, receives orders from the prioress to fetch a holy relic from a ...Read Review

Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd.

By Christy Nicholas - Published 2019



Set in near-future Toronto, Time Tourist Outfitters, Ltd. tells the story of former Temporal Agent Wilda, who runs the titular shop. There, she ...Read Review

The Bone Fire: A Somershill Manor Mystery

By S. D. Sykes - Published 2019



The Black Death stalks England in 1361, and Oswald de Lacy seeks safety for his family. He brings them to an isolated castle on ...Read Review

Deadly Relations: A Ming Dynasty Mystery

By P. A. De Voe - Published 2018



Hong Shu-chang is a farmer’s son whose father has sacrificed everything for years to enable him to study for the three arduous ...Read Review

Lever Templar

By Matt Gianni - Published 2019



In the 14th century, the power of the Templar Knights wains. Brim Hastings is a young sergeant/former scribe who unwittingly falls into ...Read Review

Conspiracy of Wolves (An Owen Archer mystery)

By Candace Robb - Published 2019



In 1374, former Captain of the Guard, Owen Archer, is asked to investigate the murder of the son of one of York’s most ...Read Review

Her Kind

By Niamh Boyce - Published 2019


In the opening scene of this small, intimate novel, a group of women marked with the yellow crosses of heretics is led out ...Read Review

A Woman’s Lot (The Meonbridge Chronicles)

By Carolyn Hughes - Published 2018


Following the devastation of the Black Death, depicted in Fortune’s Wheel, the first book of the Meonbridge Chronicles, more and more women ...Read Review

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