14th Century

I, Julian: The Fictional Autobiography of Julian of Norwich

By Claire Gilbert - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

This reimagining of the life of the anchoress and mystic Julian of Norwich is a triumph. Taking the few known facts, Gilbert creates ...Read Review

The Night of the Wolf (A Brother Chandler Mystery, 3)

By Cassandra Clark - Published 2023



The times are out of joint. Political and religious turmoil drive families and friends apart. Lies and rumors displace truth. Violence is common. ...Read Review

The Mirror of Simple Souls

By Aline Kiner - By Susan Emanuel (trans.) - Published 2023


1310 Paris. Ysabel runs the infirmary in the Royal Beguinage where she was raised, the religious women shut away from the fumes of burning ...Read Review

The Arrows of Mercy

By Jill MacLean - Published 2023


1348. After serving as an archer at Crécy, Edmund returns to his village in Berkshire, badly scarred both physically and psychologically. Not that ...Read Review

Kemp: The Flames of Heresy (Arrows of Albion, 7)

By Jonathan Lunn - Published 2023



When he arrives in Bordeaux in the summer of 1356, intent on taking back the captaincy of the freebooting Company of the Dragon, English ...Read Review

Wild Bird

By Diane Zahler - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

In the late 1300s, the plague spreads through Europe to Norway. A girl is the only survivor of her fishing village and is ...Read Review

Justice Delayed, Justice Denied (A Ming Dynasty Mystery)

By Pamela De Voe - Published 2022



Late 14th-century Ming China is a rigidly stratified society where even the marginalised are organised and subsumed into the greater whole. Family loyalty, ...Read Review

The Alewives (The Alewives of Colmar)

By Elizabeth R. Andersen - Published 2023



It took but a page or two for me to be fully invested in Gritta, one of the protagonists, in this entertaining read. ...Read Review

Strike the Zither (Kingdom of Three, 1)

By Joan He - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

In the year 414 of the Xin Dynasty, three major factions struggle for control of a fictional version of China in this retelling of ...Read Review

One Night in Hartswood

By Emma Denny - Published 2023



This gay romance opens with two brothers, Raff and Ash, sons of the Earl of Barden, travelling through Hartswood Forest to deliver their ...Read Review

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