Perfectly Matched

Written by Maggie Brendan
Review by Shaylin Montgomery

Anna Olsen is an adventurous spirit. But she is also bored. Desperate to escape her humdrum life, she answers an advertisement for a mail-order bride. Edward is a perfectionist. His house must be kept clean, and his clothes must be pressed. A clockmaker by trade, Edward feels contented in his carefully constructed world. All he needs is a wife. When Edward and Anna marry, a personality clash is immediate. Can these two newlyweds learn to accept one another, flaws and all? Will Anna’s passion for animals overshadow everything else – to the ultimate detriment of her marriage?

Set in 1880s Denver, Maggie Brendan’s latest addition to the Blue Willow Brides series is a blend of historical narrative and moral indictment. The call to care for God’s creatures is a noble one, but the focus on this one issue sometimes makes the story feel disjointed. The characters can also be problematic. Most of the characters are engaging enough, but Anna often seems like little more than a spoiled child. Her intentions are good, but some of her actions feel rather petulant. Overall, the story will appeal primarily to animal lovers and fans of inspirational historical fiction.