HNR Issue 68 (May 2014)

The Dark Palace: A Silas Quinn Mystery

By R. N. Morris - Published 2014



Detective Inspector Silas Quinn heads the Special Crimes Unit of New Scotland Yard, using the burgeoning technology of the early 20th century to ...Read Review

She Wrote on Clay

By Shirley Graetz - Published 2013


She Wrote on Clay depicts daily life in the ancient Mesopotamian city of Sippar with great detail and scholarly research. I enjoyed Graetz’...Read Review

Imperial Fire

By Robert Lyndon - Published 2014



In this sequel to Hawk Quest, Vallon, older, harder and perhaps even wiser, has become one of Byzantium’s great generals. Emperor Alexius ...Read Review

The Queen’s Man

By Rory Clements - Published 2014



This is the sixth novel in Clements’ John Shakespeare series, although it is a prequel to his first book and is set in 1582. ...Read Review

A Divided Inheritance

By Deborah Swift - Published 2014


Set in Jacobean London in 1609 and then Spain, this book tells of both the fashionable lace trade and the religious conflicts between Catholics ...Read Review

Poison Spring

By Johnny D. Boggs - Published 2014



Though it saw few major Civil War battles, Arkansas is riven in 1864. Its residents hail from both North and South, and regard each ...Read Review

The Storyteller and His Three Daughters

By Lian Hearn - Published 2013



Akabane Sei IX is an aging storyteller in the traditional rakugo style of mostly woolly yarns. To his horror, he has hit a ...Read Review

Skull Mesa

By Wayne D. Overholser - Published 2014



Young Clay Roland learns that his father has died suddenly at his ranch in Skull Mesa. During the late 19th century, powerful ranchers ...Read Review

The Visitors

By Sally Beauman - Published 2014



In 1922, eleven-year-old Lucy Payne is sent to the invigorating climate of Egypt to aid in her recovery from a near-fatal bout of typhoid. ...Read Review

The Steady Running of the Hour

By Justin Go - Published 2014


In 1916, a few days before going to war, Ashley Walsingham falls in love with Imogen Soames-Andersson. In 1996 San Francisco, Tristan Campbell learns that ...Read Review

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