No Less Than The Journey

Written by E. V. Thompson
Review by Mike Ashworth

Wesley Curnow, a young miner leaves Cornwall for the United States in response to an invitation from his uncle, who is working on the mines in Missouri. Taking passage on a boat from New York bound for New Orleans, Wesley finds himself befriended by a charismatic U.S. marshal who is en route to the Western territories to bring law to the area. It is the marshal who helps Wesley in his quest to find his uncle. Along the way the young Cornishman finds himself in a variety of scrapes with river pirates, hostile German miners, an old mountain man and a group of outlaws, while romantic interest in provided by an attractive half-Mexican croupier.

Descriptions of both characters and places are economical, a few short sentences allowing the reader to paint their own mental pictures, and not overwhelming the narrative. The plot and the main characters are all plausible, while the political and social pressures to curb the casual violence and banditry in order to gain statehood provide the background to the actions of both marshal and young Cornishman. An entertaining, enjoyable read.