Robert Hale

Women of Straw

By Carole Llewellyn - Published 2016



Set in Luton, a market town just north of London, Women of Straw centres on the straw hat industry of the late 1860s. ...Read Review

Kicking over the Traces

By Elizabeth Jackson - Published 2015



We start with a love triangle. Beautiful gypsy girl Florence has two suitors: the flamboyant and rather raffish lord of the manor, Garrett, ...Read Review

Duty and Deception

By Roberta Grieve - Published 2015



In 1903 Emmeline Pankhurst set up the Women’s Suffrage Movement to campaign for votes for women, and their stories are well known, but ...Read Review

Moorend Farm

By Gwen Kirkwood - Published 2016



Gwen Kirkwood’s latest novel continues the story of William and Emma begun in Moorland Mist, and sees the young couple settling and ...Read Review

Love and Friendship

By Beth Andrews - Published 2016


Love and Friendship was written when Jane Austen was 14 and foreshadows the conflict between moral obligation and individual desire which permeates many of ...Read Review

Deep Waters

By Ann Cliff - Published 2015



As always with Robert Hale books, this is splendidly produced with a well-chosen typeface and a pleasure to (be)hold. Setting her novel ...Read Review

Imperfect Pretence

By Ann Barker - Published 2015



Imperfect Pretence is Ann Barker’s eighteenth novel, and she obviously knows the period well, although I was dubious about two women dining ...Read Review

Terror by Gaslight

By Edward Taylor - Published 2015



Victorian London. A serial killer is stalking Hampstead Heath, killing an apparently random victim every month with a single knife thrust, sowing terror ...Read Review

Sherlock Holmes and the Four Corners of Hell

By Seamas Duffy - Published 2015


Historical FantasyMystery/Crime

One of the most beloved and well-known literary figures of all time is once again back to solve more mysterious crimes with his ...Read Review

Paying Davy Jones

By Millie Vigor - Published 2014


This is one of the best family stories I have read this year.  Set in the Shetland Isles in the 1970s when the ...Read Review

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