Murder on Millionaires’ Row: A Mystery

Written by Erin Lindsey
Review by Audrey Braver

Rose Gallagher is the daughter of an Irish immigrant and the sole support for her invalid mother. She works as a housemaid for Mr. Thomas Wiltshire in his Fifth Avenue home. As the story begins, Mr. Wiltshire has disappeared, and his friend who reported him missing seems unconcerned. After the police decide not to look for him, having chalked his disappearance up to a millionaire’s “whim,” Rose decides to look for him herself.

Rose is from the Five Points area of New York City, also home to the most infamous criminals, so she uses her street knowledge to start her search. During her investigation, Rose is accosted by a ghost who gives her some help. Rose soon finds Mr. Wiltshire, who turns out to be a Pinkerton man, and that is just the beginning of the mystery.

Erin Lindsay has written an interesting mystery. Her knowledge of late 19th-century New York City is excellent and adds color to the narrative. While this is not a fast-moving story, it is suspenseful and does hold the reader’s interest.