Love in Disguise

Written by Carol Cox
Review by Rebecca Cochran

Carol Cox has once again crafted a delightful story with elements of adventure, romance, and humor. In Chicago, 1881, Ellie Moore is down on her luck after losing her job as a personal wardrobe assistant to a local actress. But a chance encounter with the Pinkerton Detective Agency gives Ellie a unique chance to wield her costuming skills. She travels to Pickford, Arizona, in disguise to meet up with another agent on a mission to investigate a silver mining theft. But when things go awry, Ellie winds up having to play two parts — an elderly widow and her beautiful niece. This is no easy task, especially when handsome mine owner Steven Pierce starts wooing the niece.

With an exceptional plot, it was easy to get completely swept up in the adventure as Ellie’s crazy scheme and silly antics got more and more complicated. Heartwarming, witty and engaging, this story captured me from the first pages and kept me riveted until the end.