Kopp Sisters on the March (A Kopp Sisters Novel)

Written by Amy Stewart
Review by Michael I. Shoop

It’s 1917, and with World War I raging in Europe, the Kopp sisters of Wyckoff, New Jersey decide they must do something to participate in the war effort. As Constance is at loose ends after losing her job, she, Norma, and Fleurette leave their farm to attend the National Service School for women at Camp Chevy Chase, Maryland, to learn military discipline and preparedness. Once there, a mishap provides Constance with the opportunity to oversee the camp, a lively mix of fun-loving debutantes and serious military-minded women. All sorts of hijinks and escapades ensue, challenging Constance’s authority.

One of the Kopps’ tent-mates is the notorious Beulah Binford, a woman fleeing her scandalous past in Richmond, Virginia, under an assumed name. With the watchful Constance in charge, Beulah is worried that her shocking secret will be discovered and her last chance for anonymity destroyed. With America’s entry into the war, will the public and/or the War Department be seriously impressed with the women’s training? Will Norma’s pigeons have a part to play in the military effort? And what is Fleurette planning for her future? Stewart’s meticulous research shines through, and written in her usual humorous, readable style, this fifth installment in the series is a rollicking adventure through a little-known episode in American history.