Maid of Baikal: An Alternative Historical Novel of the Russian Civil War

By Preston Fleming - Published 2018-05-11


Alternate HistoryEpic

Captain Edmund du Pont arrives in Siberia in November 1918 to establish wireless stations as part of the American Expeditionary Force’s aid to ...Read Review

Trench Dogs

By Ian Densford - Published 2018


Trench Dogs is a graphic novel with no real text or dialogue. It comprehensively encompasses the breadth, depth, and especially the horrors of ...Read Review

The New Inheritors

By Kent Wascom - Published 2018



Isaac Patterson, an orphan in the lawless wilds of 1890s rural Florida, barely escapes on his stepmother’s back from murderous roughnecks. Separated ...Read Review

A Song Unheard

By Roseanna M. White - Published 2018



As the Great War commences, Willa Forsyth, violin prodigy and accomplished thief, is recruited by the British government. Her assignment: to retrieve a ...Read Review

Pandemic 1918: Eyewitness Accounts from The Greatest Medical Holocaust in Modern History

By Catharine Arnold - Published 2018



As World War I was ending, influenza killed 20-50 million people worldwide. The H5N1 strain of the familiar virus attacked, seemingly preferred, ...Read Review

The Race to Save the Romanovs: The Truth Behind the Secret Plans to Rescue the Russian Imperial Family

By Helen Rappaport - Published 2018



July 17, 1918 is the day in Russian history when the assassination/murder of the Romanovs took place. The former Tsar Nicholas, his wife Alexandra, ...Read Review

The Dutton Girl

By Stan Freeman - Published 2018



Sarah Dutton is no beauty, even by 1915 standards, but she’s worth a fortune in jewels. When someone abducts Sarah and the jewels, ...Read Review

The Dying of the Light

By Robert Goolrick - Published 2018


The only way to save Saratoga, the grand Virginia estate that has been in the Cooke family for five generations, is for Diana ...Read Review

The Desert Nurse

By Pamela Hart - Published 2018


Although Evelyn Northey desperately wants to be a doctor, her father will not allow it, holding back her inheritance―which would enable her ...Read Review

House of Gold

By Natasha Solomons - Published 2018



The Goldbaums are a wealthy Jewish family with considerable political and economic influence throughout Europe. It is 1911, and the world has little inkling ...Read Review

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