In the Shadow of Queens: Tales from the Tudor Court

Written by Alison Weir
Review by Edward James

In the Shadow of Queens is a collection of 13 short stories written to accompany Alison Weir’s series of books called Six Tudor Queens, on each of the wives of Henry VIII. Originally published in digital form, they are now brought together in print.

The stories are indeed overshadowed by the Six Queens, but that was such an excellent series it would overshadow most pieces of historical fiction. By comparison the short stories are slight though entertaining and sometimes poignant; there was much to grieve over in Tudor England. Most of the stories concern minor characters from the series, giving a different angle on the protagonists. However, there is a macabre piece about the history of Katherine Parr’s corpse and its several exhumations, and a modern ghost story set in the Tower of London.

If you enjoyed Weir’s Six Tudor Queens novels, you will like to read this.