16th Century

Shades of Death: Murder at the Court of Elizabeth I (Catrin Surovell Tudor Mysteries)

By Angela Ranson - Published 2023



Queen Elizabeth is no stranger to gossip or court intrigue, but in 1560, barely two years after taking the throne, her romantic attachment to ...Read Review

Kiss of Frost and Flame

By Ken Czech - Published 2023



The Cossack invasion of Siberia in 1581 is the militaristic and cross-cultural backdrop for this fascinating novel. It is a land inhabited and traversed ...Read Review

The Plot to Kill a Queen

By Deborah Hopkinson - Published 2023


Children/Young Adult

Emilia Bassano, a real-life young lute player in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, loves the theater and music and wishes she could ...Read Review

The Twilight Queen (A King’s Fool mystery, 2)

By Jeri Westerson - Published 2024



In the Tudor court of King Henry VIII, secrets can be dangerous, even for the king’s favorite court jester, Will Somers, who ...Read Review

By Any Other Name

By Erin Cotter - Published 2023


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Set in England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, this novel of love and adventure tells the tale of sixteen-year-old Will Hughes. ...Read Review

I Am Henry: A Compelling Novel of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII

By Jan Hendrik Verstraten - By Massimo Barbato - Published 2023


Historical Fantasy

London: 1547. King Henry VIII is dead. But what if the end is only the beginning? Henry passes into the beyond but is shocked ...Read Review

The Conjuror’s Apprentice: (The Tudor Rose Murders Book 1)

By G J Williams - Published 2023



It’s 1555, and Mary Tudor sits on the throne. Dr. John Dee and his secret apprentice, Margaretta, are investigating the murder of a ...Read Review

Burnt Offerings

By Danielle Devlin - Published 2023


It is 1589, and King James VI of Scotland believes himself to have been the victim of witchcraft. This leads to a frenetic routing ...Read Review

The Burnings

By Naomi Kelsey - Published 2023


Naomi Kelsey’s gripping debut novel is based on the 16th-century North Berwick Witch Trials and centres around two real historical figures: Geillis ...Read Review

The Falcon, the Wolf, and the Hummingbird

By Martha Engber - Published 2023


As storm clouds churn overhead, the unlikely leader of a group of seven Manatuck tribesmen keeps her eyes on a campfire in the ...Read Review

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