The Conjuror’s Apprentice: (The Tudor Rose Murders Book 1)

By G J Williams - Published 2023



It’s 1555, and Mary Tudor sits on the throne. Dr. John Dee and his secret apprentice, Margaretta, are investigating the murder of a ...Read Review

Burnt Offerings

By Danielle Devlin - Published 2023


It is 1589, and King James VI of Scotland believes himself to have been the victim of witchcraft. This leads to a frenetic routing ...Read Review

The Burnings

By Naomi Kelsey - Published 2023


Naomi Kelsey’s gripping debut novel is based on the 16th-century North Berwick Witch Trials and centres around two real historical figures: Geillis ...Read Review

The Lost Books: Romance and Adventure in Tudor Times

By Mo Conlan - Published 2023


Cornwall, 1500s: Morwenna Goodwin initially refuses the hand of Henry Truelove, preferring to muck out byres on her yeoman father’s farm whilst ...Read Review

The Ghost Theatre

By Mat Osman - Published 2023


Historical Fantasy

In a fantastical yet mostly recognizable Elizabethan London, teenage Shay, a member of a bird-worshipping religion, joins up with a troupe of boy ...Read Review

The Apostates (The Seton Chronicles Book 3)

By V E H Masters - Published 2022


Antwerp, 1549: Mainard, a converso married to Bethia, a Scots Catholic, prepares to move his family to Venice. Ultimately, Bethia, her brother Will (a ...Read Review

The Queen’s Player: The Lost Years of William Shakespeare Book 2

By Anthony R Wildman - Published 2022


The Queen’s Player is the second in a trilogy, The Lost Years of William Shakespeare, set during the golden age of Elizabethan ...Read Review

The Sinner’s Mark: Volume 6 (The Jackdaw Mysteries)

By S. W. Perry - Published 2023



This is sixth in Perry’s Elizabethan Jackdaw Mysteries series, and we know Nicholas Shelby, Bianca, Rose and Ned from the earlier books. ...Read Review

The Forenoon Bride

By Jeffrey Hantover - Published 2023


In 1591 England, young Elizabeth Hilliard falls deeply in love with William Bateman, son of an aristocratic Norwich family, unbeknownst to him. She begins ...Read Review

The Heretic’s Servant

By Deanne Adams - Published 2022


Molly is servant to the Sherbourne Family and has cared for her beloved mistress, Kate, since they were both little more than children, ...Read Review

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