A Book of Secrets

By Kate Morrison - Published 2019


The central character of Susan Charlewood looms large in this impressive debut by a former journalist and press officer. The book was longlisted ...Read Review

The Tsar’s Locket

By Ken Czech - Published 2020


In 1581 near London, Julian Blunt, a former sea captain, walks into a Catholic cemetery towards his wife’s grave. It was for her ...Read Review

The Wheelwright’s Daughter

By Eleanor Porter - Published 2020


When a landslip opens up a huge chasm in the centre of a Herefordshire village in Elizabethan England, the feisty Martha Dynely is ...Read Review

The Secret Music at Tordesillas

By Marjorie Sandor - Published 2020


It’s the snow, says musician Juan de Granada, that prevented him from leaving the grounds of Tordesillas, attending Mass, and mourning the ...Read Review

The King at the Edge of the World

By Arthur Phillips - Published 2020



In 1591, by order of the Sultan, chief physician Dr Ezzedine travels to the Elizabethan court, regretfully leaving behind wife, son and contentment. Confident ...Read Review


By A.D. Swanston - Published 2020



A freezing February in 1574 sees London brewing with paranoia, superstition and violence. Trouble is brewing and it feels like a keg of powder ...Read Review

Death By Shakespeare: Snakebites, Stabbings and Broken Hearts

By Kathryn Harkup - Published 2020



Executions, strangulations, poisonings, disease, beheadings, snakebites, stabbings. These are just a few of the MOs employed by William Shakespeare to dispatch more than 250 ...Read Review

Execution (Giordano Bruno Thriller)

By S. J. Parris - Published 2020



In early summer 1586, Mary Stuart of Scotland has been imprisoned for 20 years amid continued rumors that her Catholic supporters in England will find ...Read Review

A Tudor Turk (The Chronicles of Will Ryde and Awa Maryam Al-Jameel)

By Rehan Khan - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Istanbul, 1591. Sultan Murad III has been robbed. The Staff of Moses, a priceless symbol of wealth and power, has been stolen from his ...Read Review

Sin Eater

By Megan Campisi - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

An act of petty thievery changes the course of May Owens’ life in this richly imagined tale set in the late 16th century. ...Read Review

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