By Maggie O'Farrell - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

This is the passionate love story of a glove-maker’s son and Agnes, a wise-woman. It is the tale of an absentee father, ...Read Review

The Eyes of the Queen (An Agents of the Crown Novel)

By Oliver Clements - Published 2020



This is the first in a new series in which Dr. John Dee from the 16th century becomes the first 007, head of the ...Read Review

The Boy King (The Seymour Saga)

By Janet Wertman - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Edward Tudor is nine years old when his father, King Henry VIII, dies and he assumes the throne of England in 1547. In the ...Read Review

The Testimony of Alys Twist

By Suzannah Dunn - Published 2020


This is very much a novel which demonstrates the experience and perspective of history from below. Royalty, in this case Queen Mary the ...Read Review

Burning the Water (Border Reivers Book 2)

By Robert Low - Published 2020



The second novel in Low’s Border Reivers series opens with an irascible Henry VIII having to be cut from his armour because ...Read Review

The Secrets of Saffron Hall

By Clare Marchant - Published 2020


In 1541, in a tower in her home in Norfolk, England, Eleanor pens a shaky note in her prayerbook pleading for aid for her ...Read Review

A Book of Secrets

By Kate Morrison - Published 2019


The central character of Susan Charlewood looms large in this impressive debut by a former journalist and press officer. The book was longlisted ...Read Review

The Tsar’s Locket

By Ken Czech - Published 2020


In 1581 near London, Julian Blunt, a former sea captain, walks into a Catholic cemetery towards his wife’s grave. It was for her ...Read Review

The Wheelwright’s Daughter

By Eleanor Porter - Published 2020


When a landslip opens up a huge chasm in the centre of a Herefordshire village in Elizabethan England, the feisty Martha Dynely is ...Read Review

The Secret Music at Tordesillas

By Marjorie Sandor - Published 2020


It’s the snow, says musician Juan de Granada, that prevented him from leaving the grounds of Tordesillas, attending Mass, and mourning the ...Read Review

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