High Spirits

Written by Alice Duncan
Review by Rebecca Roberts

In 1921, this third book in the series continues the story of Daisy Gumm Majesty, who supports her World War I-disabled veteran husband, Billy, by pretending to be a spiritualist in Pasadena, California. When her best client wants a séance in a speakeasy, Daisy is more than a little nervous. Performing in front of murdering gangsters isn’t exactly her cup of tea, and when the place is raided by, Daisy’s troubles multiply. Billy’s best friend, Detective Sam Rotondo, saves Daisy from arrest, and in return, he asks her to help take down the gangsters with the aid of her spiritual control, Rolly (whom Daisy made up when she was ten years old).

If you appreciate historical errors, an annoying heroine who has one too many swoons and headaches, and rather mediocre wit, this book is for you. Daisy constantly fears for her life, in a rather eye-rolling manner, and there really isn’t much mystery to the story. The overall tone of the novel is flip, sarcastic, and unrealistic. Not exactly the best storyline, this novel falls short of its promise.