Jazz Age

The Personal Librarian

By Marie Benedict - By Victoria Christopher Murray - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Marie Benedict’s historical novels have been entertaining and educating historical fiction readers for years, and award-winning author Victoria Christopher Murray has penned ...Read Review

Angel of Greenwood

By Randi Pink - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Angel Hill and Isaiah Wilson have grown up in the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma, the prosperous Black community known until summer 1921 as “...Read Review

A Fatal Lie (Inspector Ian Rutledge Mysteries 23)

By Charles Todd - Published 2021



Wales, 1921. When an unsuspecting child pulls a body rather than the expected fish from the River Dee, Inspector Ian Rutledge is dispatched from ...Read Review

Old Sins (A Henry Johnstone Mystery 6)

By Jane A. Adams - Published 2021



It is 1929 in England, and two retired police officers are dead. Suicide is suspected since both men had been experiencing financial difficulties in ...Read Review

The Thin Place

By C. D. Major - Published 2021



Scotland, present day. Reporter Ava is working on a story about Overtoun Bridge, outside Overtoun House in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. Over the years, ...Read Review


By Mitchell James Kaplan - Published 2021


On a fateful evening in 1924, Kay Warburg reluctantly attends a concert to hear a piano concerto composed and played by songwriter George Gershwin. ...Read Review

Valentino Will Die (Bianca Dangereuse Hollywood Mysteries 2)

By Donis Casey - Published 2021



Hollywood has finally paired the gorgeous Bianca LaBelle, star of the silent film series The Adventures of Bianca Dangereuse, opposite legendary heartthrob Rudolph ...Read Review

Ophie’s Ghosts

By Justina Ireland - Published 2021


Children/Young AdultHistorical Fantasy

In Georgia in 1922, twelve-year-old Ophie is suddenly awakened by her father, who tells her to get her mother and hide. Although questioning, she ...Read Review

A Mother’s Promise

By K. D. Alden - Published 2021


In Buck v. Bell, Oliver Wendell Holmes—perhaps one of the most respected Supreme Court judges—wrote a majority opinion upholding Virginia’s ...Read Review

The Chosen and the Beautiful

By Nghi Vo - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

If you are excited about the release from copyright of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and the literary progeny expected to ...Read Review

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