Jazz Age

The Woodcock

By Richard Smyth - Published 2021


Gravely, east coast of England, 1920s. Harriet and Jon have been happily married for two years. He is a naturalist who makes a ...Read Review

The Light of Luna Park

By Addison Armstrong - Published 2021


Armstrong’s dual-timeline debut packs a powerful emotional punch as it explores which lives are valued by society and how much a mother ...Read Review

Death in Daylesford (Phryne Fisher Mysteries, 21)

By Kerry Greenwood - Published 2021



Hoping for a bit of rest and relaxation, Jazz Age private detective and philanthropist Phryne Fisher travels with her companion Dot to Hepburn ...Read Review

The All Human Wisdom

By Pierre Lemaitre - Published 2021



Paris, 1927. ‘No-one quite knew what was being buried today, an important French banker, or the bygone era he personified.’ Marcel Péricourt is ...Read Review

The Artist Colony

By Joanna FitzPatrick - Published 2021


Set in the summer of 1924, Joanna FitzPatrick’s latest novel tells the story of Sarah Cunningham, an artist in Paris who travels to ...Read Review

The Bombay Prince (A Perveen Mistry Novel)

By Sujata Massey - Published 2021



Sujata Massey’s third mystery novel featuring Parsi solicitor Perveen Mistry occurs during the visit of Edward, Prince of Wales, to colonial India. ...Read Review

The Mystic’s Accomplice (A Mystic’s Accomplice mystery, 1)

By Mary Miley Theobald - Published 2021



The Mystic’s Accomplice begins Mary Miley’s new mystery series, set in Prohibition-era Chicago. Maddie Pastore’s one-eye-open, one-eye-closed life implodes when ...Read Review

Jacob and the Mandolin Adventure

By Anne Dublin - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Anne Dublin’s novel shares the true story of a group of orphans who immigrated from Mezritsh, Poland, to a farm school in ...Read Review

Under the Light of the Italian Moon

By Jennifer Anton - Published 2021



Spring 1923. Nina Argenta marries the man of her dreams, Pietro Pante. Despite their loving union, duty to their families will keep them apart. ...Read Review

What’s Left Unsaid

By Emily Bleeker - Published 2021


Just in time for the beach, this book has it all: a troubled heroine, a mystery based on a true story, romantic entanglements, ...Read Review

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