Jazz Age

A Good Year

By Polis Loizou - Published 2022



1925, rural Cyprus. This book tells of Loukas and his wife Despo, married only a year and expecting their first child—please God a ...Read Review

The Chapel in the Woods (A Jack Haldean Murder Mystery, 11)

By Dolores Gordon-Smith - Published 2022



This is another intricate and thoroughly enjoyable ‘who-done-it’ from prolific author Gordon-Smith. Set in the rural Sussex countryside in the 1920s, the narrative ...Read Review

Comeuppance Served Cold

By Marion Deeds - Published 2022


Historical FantasyMystery/Crime

In this thrilling mystery, the end is shown at the beginning: a woman leaves another woman dead on a couch. As she leaves ...Read Review

Bread and Buttermilk

By Helen Payton - Published 2021


1922. On Easter day in Carreg-y-Bedd, Denbighshire, Minister Ellis conducts the special Sabbath service in Ebenezer chapel; Gypsies arrive on the village common; and ...Read Review

Angel of Alta Langa: A Novel of Love & War

By Suzanne Hoffman - Published 2021


Piemonte: Hoffman’s debut novel spans the period of the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918 to 1946 and the rebuilding of a shattered, war-weary rural ...Read Review

Last Call at the Nightingale (Last Call at the Nightingale, 1)

By Katharine Schellman - Published 2022



A murder mystery set in New York City in 1924, Last Call at the Nightingale features the saucy Vivian Kelly. She and her sister, ...Read Review

Evil in Emerald (A Harriet Gordon Mystery)

By A. M. Stuart - Published 2022



In book three of this mystery series set in 1920s Singapore, British widow and suffragist Harriet Gordon is rehearsing in an amateur theatre ...Read Review

Long Road to the Circus

By Betsy Bird - Published 2021



1920. Twelve-year-old Suzy Bowles lives on a farm in Burr Oak, Michigan, with her large family including her grumpy granny, annoying slightly older brother, ...Read Review

The Lady of Zamalek

By Ashraf El-Ashmawi - By Peter Daniel (trans.) - Published 2021


In 1920s Cairo, ambitious young Abbas rises to power in the shadowy underworlds of prostitution and construction. After getting involved in the murder ...Read Review

Murder in the Park (An Oak Park Village Mystery Book 1)

By Jeanne M. Dams - Published 2022



Elizabeth Fairchild is a privileged young woman living at home in Oak Park, Illinois, in 1925 with her overbearing mother and loving but dominated ...Read Review

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