Hereward: The Devil’s Army

Written by James Wilde
Review by Mike Ashworth

The novel opens in 1069. William has England in an iron grasp, crushing all opposition to his bloody reign. In the Fenlands Hereward is gathering an army to resist the Norman oppression. Ivo Taillebois is commanded by William to crush the rebellion. Hereward struggles to turn his motley group of freedom fighters into an effective fighting force while struggling against an unseen enemy who is ruthlessly determined to end his patriotic struggle.

The author’s great interest in Hereward and his fight against the Normans which inspired him to write shows throughout the book in the quality of the research and the writing. The action scenes are graphic and realistic without being gratuitous. All the characters are vibrant and convincing, while the brutality of William’s reaction to all forms of resistance is effectively portrayed. The Devil’s Army is the second volume in this exciting and enthralling series detailing Hereward’s resistance to the Norman invaders. Fast paced action, strong believable characters; this is an excellent exemplar of the historical novel. Recommended.