11th Century

The Ring of Flames

By Joan Fallon - Published 2017


Al-Andalus/Córdoba between the years of 1008 and the fall of the city to Sulayman ibn al-Hakim in 1013 AD (no nod given to ...Read Review

Curse of the Healer

By Ashley York - Published 2017



Ireland in 1095 AD is made up of small, fractured clans, each with its own “king.” In the wake of beloved High King Brian ...Read Review

Pilgrim’s War

By MICHAEL JECKS - Published 2018



Pilgrim’s War begins in France in 1096, when a hermit promises the townspeople that Christian soldiers who march to Jerusalem will be rewarded ...Read Review

The Raven, the Lion and the White Dragon

By Roy Stedall-Humphryes - Published 2017



This is Book One of the Bellême series. Books Two and Three have already been published. In this fast-paced story filled with ...Read Review

The Rufus Spy: A Medieval Mystical Mystery

By Alys Clare - Published 2018



This is the eighth book in Alys Clare’s Aelf Fen series, set in East Anglia in the reign of King William II, ...Read Review

The Swan’s Road

By Garth Pettersen - Published 2017


AdventureBiographical Fiction

Harald, son of Cnute, King of England, Denmark and Norway, sails for Rome. With him are his father, his father’s housecarls, and ...Read Review

Fatal Rivalry

By Mercedes Rochelle - Published 2017


Biographical FictionMilitary

It is refreshing to read a description of the events leading up to the Battle of Hastings that does not depict Harold Godwinson ...Read Review

An Argument of Blood

By J.A. Ironside - By Matthew Willis - Published 2017


Set in the earlier years of William the Conqueror’s rule over Normandy, An Argument of Blood opens with him as a young, ...Read Review

Eadric and the Wolves

By David Mullaly - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

One of the many reasons I love historical novels is that they can throw light on a real historical person of whom little ...Read Review

Anglo-Saxon Boy

By Tony Bradman - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

Magnus, son of Harold Godwinson, lord of the Southern Saxons, leads us through the events that led to his father’s fateful death ...Read Review

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