Her Majesty’s Will

Written by David Blixt
Review by Tina Huckle

Set in Tudor England 1586, the name Will Shakespeare may alarm the less enthusiastic Shakespearean readers out there; however, I cannot recommend this historical novel highly enough. Pick it up and within the first few pages you will be hooked. Set out with acts and scenes, the playwright author David Blixt stamps his expertise on it immediately, and the ‘scene’ is literally set for the rest of the book. The lost years in Shakespeare’s historical record from Stratford in Warwickshire to London are filled splendidly with Kit Marlowe (witty, unpredictable and surely not to be trusted!) and his sidekick Will Shakespeare’s unforeseen adventure to safeguard Queen Elizabeth. This novel is hilarious! Full of puns, excellent dialogue and engaging description, yet it is not what one thinks it will be right from the offset, but then that is what this novel is all about. It is clever, expertly written and flows beautifully.

The cover of this book I personally feel could be more engaging, but it has a quality glossy format and the typeset and binding is excellent… and what a pleasure lies inside!  If you are after an excellent period novel that is lighthearted, funny and contains a good mystery plot then Her Majesty’s Will is one you should definitely find the time to read.