Hangman’s Corner

Written by Peter King
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

This debut of an historical mystery series features full-time Cockney hansom cab driver and part-time sleuth Ned Parker, plying his trade and finding danger at every turn in 1870 London. The mayhem gets off to a rollicking start as a recent fare disappears then turns up murdered. Soon both some nefarious London underworld connections and Detective Rollo Jackson, who is “not bad, for a copper,” are plaguing our hero. Only when a fellow cabbie is taken into custody under suspicion of the murder does Ned decide to investigate. Along the way towards uncovering the treasure of a long-lost shipwreck, charming Ned enlists the eyes and ears of his colorful cabbie associates, his girlfriend, family and even his horse while cheerfully eating Mrs. Lovett’s meat pies and consulting with Karl Marx on forming a cabbies’ union. How could one not love a man thrilled by the silence of the reading room at the British Museum and who confides in his horse? A great new series that is sure to please.