Grant vs. Lee

Written by Wayne Vansant
Review by Barry Webb

While this work was labeled as graphic non-fiction, I thought this meant “graphic” in the literary, allegorical sense, as many novels and non-fiction accounts often are. To my surprise and horror, it meant “graphic” in the literal sense. It was essentially a “classics” comic book in booklet form. As it’s been over half a century since I’ve read any comic books, I had a great deal of trouble getting up the gumption to read this thing – but once I did I was pleasantly surprised. The text is historically accurate and includes maps showing troop dispositions as it follows the battles between Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia and Grant’s Army of the Potomac during the war’s last year, from Petersburg, Virginia to Appomattox. The artwork is colorful, well done, and graphically shows the horrors of war. While the format may be aimed at the 8-16 year old group, the book can be enjoyed by us stodgy old adults as well.