HNR Issue 67 (February 2014)

The Girl Who Came Home

By Hazel Gaynor - Published 2014


Maggie Murphy is being taken to America to begin a new life with her aunt, and she is unsure about leaving her Irish ...Read Review

The World’s Smallest Bible

By Dennis Must - Published 2014



The World’s Smallest Bible is an impressive work of literary fiction that chronicles the life of Ethan Mueller, over a span of 43 ...Read Review


By Tony Barlow - Published 2013Published 2014



Babayaga is in some sense an historical novel, in that it is set in Paris in the late 1950s at the height of ...Read Review

Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind

By Carla Kelly - Published 2014Published c1998



While this novel is most definitely a Regency romance, its title character, Jane Milton, is not caught in a standard love triangle. Kelly’...Read Review

The Maid of Milan

By Beverley Eikli - Published 2014


Why should frail Adelaide Leeson, three years married to Lord Tristan, so dread a visit from his friend, James, now Viscount Dewhurst and ...Read Review

The Serpent and the Staff

By Barbara Wood - Published 2013


It is 1450 B.C.E. in Ugarit, Syria, and past time for Leah to be betrothed. Born into a family with royal blood, ...Read Review

The House of Medici: Inheritance of Power

By Edward Charles - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

This is the first in a trilogy of novels about the rise and fall of the wealthy banking family whose name is practically ...Read Review

The Devil’s Tongue: Bresciano Accused

By Mary Chiappe - By Sam Benady - Published 2013



Set in Gibraltar in the spring of 1793, this novel has a real sense, particularly, of place. There is a plan included so the ...Read Review

The Infamous Rosalie

By Evelyne Trouillot - Published 2013



Lisette, a Creole slave, works in the plantation house of owners better than some in the 1750s. Still, they could have her killed ...Read Review

The Outcasts

By Kathleen Kent - Published 2013



Set in the wild Texas of 1870, with a side trip to New Orleans, The Outcasts begins like a Larry McMurtry novel but with ...Read Review

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