Fallen Angels


Lilly is a good mother, strong and loyal, but the day she married Billy Fowler to provide a home for her and her two children was the day she made the worst decision of her life. Left as a widow, her soldier husband presumed dead in action, she had little choice. When the mean-hearted Fowler takes her and her daughter, Daisy, to Hull, she has no idea what he has planned for his pregnant wife.

Desolate, she is left in dire circumstances, deserted in a strange place with no means of survival. Her ability to use her wits, coupled with a determined, selfless spirit, gives her the ability to turn desperation into opportunity despite being indebted to another rogue, Jamie.

Whilst her own family is separated from her, through circumstances beyond her influence, Lilly discovers a new family of hapless souls. How, though, can she help them escape from their desperate state, protect herself and hope to provide a respectable home for herself and her daughter? This is her challenge throughout the novel.

From the minute I started reading this book I was drawn in to Lilly’s world – a world where homeless, helpless women are victims of greedy, selfish men. For lack of work and compassion from a harsh governing system they either starve or resort to a desperate existence. The period detail along with the many moving dilemmas each believable character faces, kept me reading until all was finally resolved in a very satisfying and surprising way. It is an excellent novel and well worth its cover price.

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