Escape to Fort Abercrombie

Written by Candace Simar
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Young Ryker Landstad lives on a small farm in Minnesota. Attacked by the Sioux, his mother and his little sister are kidnapped while his father is fatally wounded. Fourteen-year-old Ryker and his younger twin brothers decide there is danger in staying at the farm, which has been set afire, and begin the ten-mile trek to Fort Abercrombie. To avoid the Indians, they must walk through tall grass and set out for Whisky Creek, which tends to lead them farther from the fort. Ryker promises the twins he will rescue their mother and sister. Arriving at Fort Abercrombie, they find it besieged by Sioux warriors.

This is a fast-paced novel set on the isolated Minnesota frontier. The interaction between the boys, as they face difficult odds while questioning the decisions made by young Ryker, adds depth to the story. An excellent coming-of-age tale of youngsters facing insurmountable odds on the frontier. The dangers they face are described in detail, which keeps the reader from putting the book down.