Deadly Legacy

Written by Alanna Knight
Review by Rachel A Hyde

This is the seventh novel featuring Inspector Faro’s daughter Rose McQuinn, who works as a private investigator. Rose agrees to help old Mrs Lawers by delivering a package containing a valuable family heirloom to her only living relative. But the journey is fraught with danger and Rose is attacked on the train; when she finally returns home it is to find that Mrs Lawers and her maid are dead. Meanwhile, Jack Macmerry wants her to locate his daughter so he can get in touch with her, but this proves difficult too and then Jack gets shot…

These stories are always entertaining and exciting to read, Ms Knight being adept at penning a real page-turner. Told as usual in Rose’s own words which adds a sense of immediacy to the tale this one hits the ground running and doesn’t stop until the end, something I like in a mystery story. My only personal gripe is that I’m still not too keen on the vague hints about the supernatural, particularly pertaining to the hist-myst version of Lassie, faithful old Thane the mystery hound. I guess that this does add an aspect that Victorian readers might have themselves enjoyed but it tends to attract other supernatural elements and also suspicious “miracles”. Take all this out and you would have a better and more believable book, but even with it in this is still a fine entry in a continually impressive series.