Dark Obsession

Written by Allison Chase
Review by Trudi E. Jacobson

With a title like this, I should have known. The main characters, Nora Thornegoode, ruined for society by her painting teacher, and Grayson Lowell, a pariah for his supposed murder of his brother, an earl, feel sparks whenever they are near each other. Well, lots more than sparks. If only they had been able to think a bit more clearly at times, things would been resolved a lot more quickly. But there was enough in the plot to keep me reading despite their somewhat overwrought behavior. Nora and Grayson, strangers to one another, marry, to solve his financial problems and her reputation problems. They take off for Blackheath Grange in Cornwall, where Grayson’s great guilt over his brother’s death intensifies, for it is here that he died. Their efforts to determine what happened with Grayson’s brother, and to help the brother’s young son, who hasn’t spoken since his father’s death, are complicated by issues of trust, possible piracy, and a couple of intriguing ghosts. Set in 1830, the book moves at a spanking good pace. Readers who relish the passionate interludes will enjoy it all the more.