HNR Issue 44 (May 2008)

My Splendid Concubine

By Lloyd Lofthouse - Published 2007


When Robert Hart escapes his conservative English family for China, he’s hoping to change his life for the better. Raised with traditional ...Read Review

The Triumph of Deborah

By Eva Etzioni-Halevy - Published 2008



It’s the early Iron Age, and the Hebrews, surrounded by enemies, struggle to survive in the Promised Land. Judge and prophetess Deborah ...Read Review


By Cecelia Holland - Published 2008



This fourth entry in the Corban Loosestrife saga takes us from frozen Viking trading posts to the outskirts of the Byzantine Empire. The ...Read Review

The Sixth Wife

By Suzannah Dunn - Published 2007Published 2008


Biographical FictionRomance

Set during the reign of England’s Edward VI, Suzannah Dunn’s fictionalized account of the final two years of the life of ...Read Review

A Flag of Truce

By David Donachie - Published 2008



Toulon, 1793. In this fourth John Pearce adventure, our hero, now a naval lieutenant, continues to be a thorn in the flesh of Authority. ...Read Review

The Dark Lantern

By Gerri Brightwell - Published 2008



Brightwell has fashioned a multilayered, Upstairs Downstairs-type mystery that drew me in completely. When I finally paused to reflect, I realized it had ...Read Review

The Second Lady Southvale

By Sandra Heath - Published 2008



Washington, July 4th, 1811. Britain is at war with France, America insists on continuing to trade with France, the result being that tensions are ...Read Review

Georgette Heyer’s Regency World

By Jennifer Kloester - Published 2008



I would not call myself a Heyer fan as such, but a book on Regency life made an enjoyable prospect for a review. ...Read Review

Blue Skies and Gunfire

By K.M. Peyton - Published 2008


Children/Young AdultRomance

  Set in World War II, the story begins with Josie’s final term of school being interrupted when she is evacuated from ...Read Review

Freedom Train

By Evelyn Coleman - Published 2008


Children/Young Adult

  Clyde Thomason has everything to live for and plenty to escape! His brother is serving as an Army Guard of the famed ...Read Review

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