The Curse of Misty Wayfair

Written by Jaime Jo Wright
Review by J. Lynn Else

It’s 1908 when Thea Reed arrives in Pleasant Valley, Wisconsin. She’s searching for the mother who left her on the steps of an orphan home. Her only clues are fuzzy childhood memories and a sparsely detailed letter. Present day: Heidi is returning to Pleasant Valley after receiving a cryptic letter from her ailing mother. But Heidi hasn’t been home for years, and tensions between her and her sister make it difficult for Heidi to unravel her mother’s message. Separated by a century, Thea and Heidi each come face to face with the legend of Misty Wayfair, a ghost who has haunted the woods since her murder in 1851. But why is the ghost haunting them? Both women will have to decide if uncovering the secrets of their past is worth risking their sanity and their futures.

Wright is a talented author who pens identifiable character struggles in the arenas of faith and family. At the book’s heart are two women wrestling with anxiety disorders and self-confidence. The journey to discovering faith, trust, and self-worth is carefully and sweetly written. At the same time, Wright offers up some spine-tingling scenes that had me glued to the pages. I quite enjoyed the slow unveiling of the truth behind the myth. Oddly, despite some clever historical details, I did notice a large amount of references to “eyes colliding” that got distracting: a minor note. Otherwise, Wright easily charms readers with well-articulated reflective prose that adds depth to the plotline and characters. A very compelling Christian romantic suspense novel.