Conspiracy of Wolves (An Owen Archer mystery)

Written by Candace Robb
Review by Ilysa Magnus

In 1374, former Captain of the Guard, Owen Archer, is asked to investigate the murder of the son of one of York’s most prominent citizens. It appears that his throat has been torn out by a wolf – and rumors of a wolf pack running wild through York begin to spread like wildfire. But Owen is not convinced that he is looking at an animal pack targeting humans.

When a second body is found, this time with stab wounds, Archer’s suspicions grow. Together with Geoffrey Chaucer, who is on a secret spy mission on behalf of Prince Edward, Archer finds himself thrust into a complex conspiracy with its roots decades old.

In this eleventh installment in the series, Robb manages to keep and hold our attention, focusing on the loving relationship between Owen and his wife, healer, Lucie Wilton, their children and their community, who clearly love and respect Archer. As the seer and healer, Magda, calls him, Bird-Eye (since Archer has the ability to see out of only one eye) Owen is able to use that “third eye” to puzzle out and reconstruct the origins of what seem to be incomprehensible and unconnected crimes. The plot twists and turns and the pieces of that puzzle that ultimately come together are Robb’s forte, and Archer is just the man to spearhead the investigation.

An utterly delightful jaunt!