Written by Iain Gale

1812.Super spy James Keane is entrusted with a secret mission to go undercover in Bonaparte’s France to encourage and enable the destruction of the Republic. Shades of the ultimate secret agent Bond are evident; Keane even becomes involved in a high stakes game of baccarat. Added to the mix are clear influences from Sharpe, the military hero of the Cornwell novels. The complexities of the spy business and the terrible price that can be exacted are crucial themes. The double and even triple dealings and machinations of underhand government dealings (some things never change!) make the plot twist and turn as Keane’s original mission is adapted and altered in reaction to current events. There are quite a few exciting set pieces which move the plot along well and the novel is clearly based on a great deal of research; there are historical notes at the back to clarify what was real and what was poetic licence. Real figures from the time such as Fouché are used convincingly to convey the historical atmosphere, tension and veracity of the events described. This is the fourth in the series featuring the brave and resourceful character of Keane and fans of military adventure historical fiction will be very happy with this latest instalment.