Captive of my Desires

Written by Johanna Lindsey

Upon the death of her mother, eighteen-year-old Gabriella Brooks sails from England to the Caribbean in search of her father rather than be forced to live with an unknown guardian. She soon discovers that her father is not the upright shipping merchant she has been brought up to believe. After three years sailing and treasure hunting together, her father decides that Gabrielle must return to London and be launched into society to find a husband. Under the sponsorship of James Malory and his wife Georgina, Gabrielle enters London Society but finds herself at odds with Georgina’s huge, handsome brother, Drew Anderson. A battle of wills ensues: Gabrielle steals Drew’s ship in an attempt to rescue her father from a pirate stronghold but soon finds that she must work with both Drew and the Malorys if she is to succeed.

This entertaining tale of love and adventure on the high seas moves along at a cracking pace, although detail appears to have been sacrificed to speed, especially at the end. It is one of a series featuring the extended Malory family and new readers might find the number of characters mentioned in the first few chapters a little overwhelming. However, it is a light-hearted action packed story and the many fans of Johanna Lindsey will overlook the anachronisms and modern dialogue in this rollicking yarn.