By the Light of the Silvery Moon


Amelia Gladstone is ready to find out what life holds for her in America, so along with her Aunt Neda, she boards the Titanic in hopes of perhaps finding love and stability with her cousin’s friend, Mr. Chapman. But the ship hasn’t even left when she spies a down-on-his-luck young man desperately seeking passage, so she slips him another family member’s unused ticket and prays she’s done the right thing. It doesn’t take long, however, for Amelia to discover there is much more to Quentin’s story, and it involves the brother and father he hasn’t seen in five years… who are also on board. When Amelia becomes friendly with Quentin’s brother Damien, long-harbored jealousy and anger surface, and Amelia is torn between the two. But will it really matter when a fateful iceberg lies ahead?

Goyer’s book is Christian in theme, and most of the characters are engaging and heartfelt. Unfortunately, the Prodigal Son theme is heavy-handed, even for Christian fiction, and Amelia often comes across as self-righteous and overbearing, despite the author’s insistence that she is sweet and only concerned with others. There are copious amounts of tears shed by nearly everyone, and a good deal of time is spent in making most of the first-class passengers seem emotionally and spiritually inferior to the other classes. And while the ending itself is actually well done (if highly improbable), the entire published book had so many editing errors it made the reading unnecessarily confusing. Coupled with a few historical inaccuracies (women with their hair down in public, for instance) and a slight modernization in attitudes, this book is most likely to be enjoyed by those who appreciate its Christian theme rather than those who simply are Titanic buffs.

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