Between a Rake and a Hard Place

Written by Connie Mason Mia Marlowe
Review by Nancy J. Attwell

It is 1818. Princess Charlotte, the only legitimate grandchild of George III, has died in childbirth, which means her three bachelor uncles are in a race to wed and bed a suitable bride in hopes of producing the heir to the British throne.

Sir Jonah Sharp, an undercover assassin, must use some of his nonlethal skills to seduce Lady Serena Osbourne and prevent her marriage to the Duke of Kent, who is the current front-runner in this competition. Although Serena is eager to become the mother of the future king of England, she creates a list of all the forbidden pleasures she would like to experience before she is trapped in a loveless royal marriage. When Jonah rescues Serena from the scandal that would erupt if her true identity were discovered in Boodles, an elite gentleman’s club, she decides he would be the perfect accomplice to help her cross other adventures off her list. Serena has a charming naiveté, despite her twenty years, and Jonah is burdened by enough guilt about his violent past to permit him to be an appealing hero.

Smooth, witty, and erotic, this third novel in the Royal Rakes series is a thoroughly entertaining read. By the end of the book the race for the crown is over, but it is to be hoped that this conclusion does not bring an end to the writing collaboration of authors Mason and Marlowe.