Beauty Like the Night

Written by Joanna Bourne
Review by Jessica Brockmole

Though it had been years since Séverine de Cabrillac had been out of the spying game, her old instincts return when an armed man breaks into her bedroom in the night, accusing her of kidnapping a young girl and stealing an amulet. Sévie did no such thing and is prepared to dismiss it as a mistake and get on with her current mission helping the British Secret Service fend off a rumored attack on Lord Wellington. But Raoul Deverney, the mysterious Frenchman who accused her, is persistent, and Sévie soon realizes that, more than someone to blame, Raoul needs someone to trust.

This is written in Bourne’s usual assured and engaging style. Her characters are deliciously complex and bring with them slowly unfolding backstories. The smolder between Séverine and Raoul is equally as unhurried, but ultimately satisfying, as it is a relationship built not only on attraction, but also on the trust and mutual respect that develops. Enjoyable and recommended.