An Unlikely Spy

Written by Terry Deary
Review by Mike Ashworth

September 1939. World War 2 has broken out. Brigit Furst has been evacuated to Wales. Her father, a German has been interned for the duration of the War. Her mother, who is French, is recruited for the Special Operations Executive and has left for a special training camp. When people find out that Brigit’s father is German she is treated very badly by the local populace. Brigit runs away and joins her mother. After training, Brigit accompanies her mother into Nazi occupied France where they meet up with the French Resistance. No one will suspect Brigit is a spy, will they?

With a strong plot and characters, the story races along. There is a seam of humour which flows through the story and provides a counterpoint to the action which is exciting and realistic without being overly dramatic.  There are quotes from Churchill, who appears in his own right adding to the atmosphere. With over 300 fiction and non-fiction books to his credit, the author has produced a thoroughly enjoyable page-turning adventure which will appeal to young people of all ages. Recommended.