A Season Of Knives

Written by P. F. Chisholm
Review by Kelly Cannon

Sir Robert Carey, a courtier to Queen Elizabeth I who has been historically documented, is brought to vivid fictional life in P. F. Chisholm’s series of murder mysteries. A Season of Knives finds our dashing and nattily dressed hero still serving as Deputy Warden of the West March, as deeply in debt as ever, and still in love with the married Elizabeth Widdrington. After foiling a kidnap plot against Elizabeth, Carey returns to Carlisle to find his servant Barnabus jailed for a murder Carey himself is accused of ordering. Though his alleged motive is dubious, the evidence against him appears damning. Working feverishly to find the perpetrator of the crime, he untangles a skein of love, greed and deception that serves as a sobering reminder of how carefully he must conceal his love for Elizabeth.

Ms. Chisholm’s narrative is brimming with period detail so artfully woven in that it’s never intrusive. A Season of Knives is a must-read for those who prefer their Elizabethan adventure served with a hearty helping of whodunit.