A Refuge at Highland Hall: Edwardian Brides, Book 3

Written by Carrie Turansky
Review by B. J. Sedlock

In 1915 London, Penny Ramsey meets wounded pilot trainee Alex Goodwin. They both feel an attraction, but Penny knows that the life expectancy of pilots is short, and Alex doesn’t need any distractions when he is about to go into combat.

On Penny’s return to Highland Hall, she becomes involved in servant Lydia’s romance with a German-descended Briton, Marius, a prison camp internee who works on a nearby farm.  Then news arrives that Alex single-handedly bombed a Zeppelin and received serious wounds.  Alex’s guilt over the crashed Zeppelin’s killing civilians torments him, plus he fears that his wounds will cause social ostracism. Penny’s family offers Alex a refuge at Highland while he recovers. Can Penny help him overcome his physical and mental injuries?

I had not known before that Britain imprisoned citizens of German descent during the war. Some Americanisms crept into Turansky’s text: “hard candies” and “pant leg” would more likely have been “boiled sweets” and “trouser leg” in 1915 Britain. The religious content is on the moderate side, with several characters praying often. The story is a sweet wartime romance of a likeable couple, and should please inspirational fiction fans.