A Proper Pursuit

Written by Lynn Austin
Review by Rebecca Roberts

In 1893, after returning home to Illinois from finishing school, 20-year-old high-spirited Violet Hayes discovers that her mother was not actually recovering in a health sanitarium, but had in fact simply abandoned her family and filed for divorce. What’s worse is that her father plans to remarry. Reeling from such shocking news, Violet sets off for Chicago under the guise of seeing the World’s Fair, with ulterior motives including finding her mother, stopping her father’s marriage, and finding true love herself.

While visiting her grandmother and great-aunts, not only does Violet get courted by three very different men, but each of her relatives seems to have a different agenda for her—from finding a rich husband, to joining the suffrage movement, to participating in inner-city good works. While solving her little mysteries, Violet must also discover herself, her faith, and ultimately decide which path—and which man—will be right for her.

With an adventurous heroine, vivid details and memorable characters, this coming-of-age story will delight Christian fiction and romance fans alike. Once again, Austin has presented a heartwarming, engaging story filled with intrigue, humor, and romance. With a satisfying conclusion, A Proper Pursuit pleases immensely.