A Bride So Fair

Written by Carol Cox
Review by Rebecca Roberts

Emily Ralston, a young woman searching for independence and adventure, works in the Children’s Building at the Chicago World Fair in 1893. Stephen Bridger, a handsome Columbian guard, finds a lost boy, Adam, and delivers him to the Children’s Building. Stephen and Emily feel an instant connection and sparks fly. But when a dead body believed to be Adam’s mother is found, danger and intrigue grow. Stephen and Emily find themselves in a perilous mystery, determined to do the right thing, but distracted by their growing romance. Caught in a web of conspiracy and deceit, they must solve the mystery and save Adam from an evil man.

Intrigue, murder, and romance are blended intricately with historical details of the World’s Fair to create a delightfully satisfying romantic mystery novel. Cox not only captures the spirit of the Fair, but successfully creates a story with several personable characters, lively dialogue, and a charming end.