Laura Fahey

Harper’s Donelson: The Shiloh Trilogy, Book 1

By Sean Kevin Gabhann - Published 2015


Sean Kevin Gabhann ingeniously weaves three converging story lines together against a backdrop of dramatic history in Harper’s Donelson, the first of ...Read Review


By Sarah MacTavish - Published 2015


The narrative of Firebrand by Sarah MacTavish is split between drought-ridden Texas in the summer of 1860 and comfortable suburban Pennsylvania. In Texas, young ...Read Review

The Jossing Affair

By J. L. Oakley - Published 2016



L. Oakley’s rich, satisfyingly atmospheric novel The Jossing Affair is set in the midst of the Second World War in Nazi-occupied Norway. ...Read Review

Four Nails

By G. J. Berger - Published 2016


Young Ashoka is an elephant trainer in India when the broader world of international politics intervenes in his life. He finds himself enslaved ...Read Review

Longing for Home

By Lisa M. Wayman - Published 2016Published 2016-05-15


Irena, the main character in Lisa Wayman’s debut work of fiction, Longing for Home, is living a variation of the same experience ...Read Review

Clarence Olgibee

By Alan S. Kessler - Published 2016


Alan Kessler’s Clarence Olgibee splits its narrative between 1974 and 1954: in 1974, teenager Jimmy Tate Sullivan is sentenced to life in prison as an ...Read Review

Two Frontiers

By Chris Pepple - Published 2016


The Mexican-American War (1846-48) forms the tense dramatic backdrop to Chris Pepple’s Two Frontiers, in which Elizabeth Dodd and Daniel Howe must ...Read Review

Under the Sugar Sun (The Sugar Sun Series, Book 1)

By Jennifer Hallock - Published 2015



Strong-willed and determined Georgina Potter is the central character in Jennifer Hallock’s Under the Sugar Sun, the intensely absorbing first volume in ...Read Review

The Island of Worthy Boys

By Connie Hertzberg Mayo - Published 2015


The Island of Worthy Boys, the debut novel from Connie Hertzberg Mayo, is the gritty and very affecting coming-of-age story of Aidan Sullivan ...Read Review

The War Between Us

By Sarah Creviston Lee - Published 2015


In the immediate wake of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a young Korean American, Alex Moon, leaves his home in California and ...Read Review