Laura Fahey

Nemesis: In Pursuit of Justice (The Belleme Series, Book 3)

By Roy Stedall-Humphryes - Published 2014


Stedall-Humphryes’s Belleme series continues with this novel focusing on Robert de Belleme’s wife, Isabella, who has fled their homeland after her ...Read Review

The Pirate Captain, Nor Gold (Volume 2)

By Kerry Lynne - Published 2014



This second book in Lynne’s “Chronicles of a Legend” series follows directly from the action of the first (the author does a ...Read Review

The Rose Beyond

By Sharon Allen Gilder - Published 2014


Gilder’s floridly-written (“raven lashes,” “flaxen-haired,” and “endless void” crop up in the first two pages alone, and “manse” is used for “mansion” ...Read Review

The Winship Family: Book One (Father and Son)

By Michael J. McCarthy - Published 2013



McCarthy’s trilogy spans virtually the entire course of the Victorian British empire, as young Seamus Tobin is adopted into the wealthy and ...Read Review

That Nation Might Live

By Jeff Oppenheimer - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Jeff Oppenheimer’s historical fiction debut takes the form of a “deposition” made by Abraham Lincoln’s best friend and erstwhile law partner, ...Read Review

Fate and Fair Winds

By Dory Codington - Published 2013



A familiar star-crossed-lovers twist informs the basic plot of Dory Codington’s historical romance Fate & Fair Winds: John FitzSimmon, a major in ...Read Review

Timber Rose

By J. L. Oakley - Published 2013



L. Oakley’s Timber Rose is set in the earliest years of the 20th century and follows the life and adventures of Caroline ...Read Review

The Clever Mill Horse

By Jodi Lew-Smith - Published 2014



Twenty-one year-old Ella Kenyon is the character at the center of Lew-Smith’s captivating novel. The setting is upstate New York of 1810, and ...Read Review

The Kashmiri Shawl

By Joanne Dobson - Published 2014


Dobson, the author of a well-regarded series of murder mysteries, turns to historical fiction in her latest book, the action of which is ...Read Review