Justin M. Lindsay

1917: War, Peace, and Revolution

By David Stevenson - Published 2018



After nearly three years of worldwide global conflict and warfare the likes of which the world had never seen, the battle lines had ...Read Review

Memento Mori

By Ruth Downie - Published 2018



Ruso, a Roman army medic living a life of bucolic domesticity with the family of his British wife, receives a desperate plea from ...Read Review

Children of the Chieftain: Bounty

By Michael E. Wills - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

Though eager to head home, the young crew of the Viking ship Eagle are tasked with carrying a message to the land of ...Read Review

Blood Forest

By Geraint Jones - Published 2017



Minden, Germania. 9 AD. Found by the 17th Legion naked and covered in sacrificial blood, he has no name. He has no recollection of ...Read Review

The Swan’s Road

By Garth Pettersen - Published 2017


AdventureBiographical Fiction

Harald, son of Cnute, King of England, Denmark and Norway, sails for Rome. With him are his father, his father’s housecarls, and ...Read Review

Eagle and Empire

By Alan Smale - Published 2017


Alternate History

Nine years after the annihilation of his legion at the hands of Cahokian braves and flying machines, Roman Praetor Gaius Marcellinus once again ...Read Review

The Flame Bearer

By Bernard Cornwell - Published 2016



Though a fragile peace exists between the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Britain and the last Norse-held kingdom of Northumbria, Uhtred begins his campaign to ...Read Review

World on Fire

By Christian Kachel - Published 2016



It’s five years after the death of Alexander the Great, and his empire is in turmoil. Alexander’s generals and family vie ...Read Review

The Course of Fortune, Volumes 1, 2, and 3

By Tony Rothman - Published 2016



Francisco de Barai, young and full of vigor, must flee his native Seville under false charges. What follows is a 15-year adventure across ...Read Review

The Varangian: Book Three of Odd Tangle-Hair’s Saga

By Bruce Macbain - Published 2016



Odd comes to Miklagard – the Norse name for Constantinople – with the sole purpose of seeking out Harald, a former friend turned nemesis, and ...Read Review

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