Children of the Chieftain: Bounty

Written by Michael E. Wills
Review by Justin M. Lindsay

Though eager to head home, the young crew of the Viking ship Eagle are tasked with carrying a message to the land of the Rus. But war is afoot. As they draw closer they become embroiled in the great conflicts between Constantinople and her northern neighbors. They are once again diverted from their preferred course, this time down a route rife with deadly waterfalls, lethal tribesmen, and at the end, service with the Greek emperor.

Bounty is the third installment of Wills’s Children of the Chieftain series. As in the first two books, the main characters are the son and daughter of a Viking chieftain, who was betrayed and slain on their home island. They find themselves not only abroad, but also caught up in the world events at large. This is a quick read, and the best of the three to date. The language can be stilted, and some of the characters flat, but it makes for a good adventure novel, appropriate for middle-grade readers.